SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2022 AT 10:00 A.M.


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FIREARMS: Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12 ga., 30” barrel; Browning BPS 12 ga., Injector plus chokes, 28” barrel; Winchester Super X Model 1, 12 ga, 2 3/4”, 28” barrel; New Haven Model 273A, .410 ga., Bolt Action, 3”, 24” barrel; New Haven Model 273A, .410 ga., Bolt Action, 3”, 24” barrel; Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight, 12 ga., 2 3/4”, 30” barrel; Pedersoli Italian Double Barrel; Remington 1100 12 ga., 3”, 30” barrel, w/tubes; Breda/Brescia Italian 20ga., 28” barrel; (Wesley Scott) personalized 20 ga., 3”, Made in Turkey, 28” barrel; Winchester Model 40 12 ga., 2 3/4”, 30” barrel; Remington .22 S,L, Octagon barrel; Savage/Stevens Model 84C w/scope, .22 S,L,LR; WJ Fowler S/S double barrel/triggers, Laminated Steel; Remington Wingmaster Model 870, 16 ga., 28” barrel, 2 3/4”; (2) Winchester Model 42 .410, 3”, 28” barrel; Winchester Model 1300 12 ga., Slug Barrel w/iron sights, 3”; Rossi Brazil Interarms Squire, S/S, 20 ga, 3”, 26” barrels; Ruger Silent Hawk .177, Break open barrel Air Rifle, NIB; Remington Model 725 VTR , .25, Break open Barrel Air Rifle, NIB; (2) Winchester Model 1911 SL (Self Loading) 12 ga., Nickel Steel, 26” barrel; S.P.A. Lugi Franchi/Brescia 20 ga., 2 3/4”, 24” barrel, Auto, 48/A120 Gauge Hunter; Charles Daily 105 Whitetails Unlimited O/U, 12 ga, 3”, 28” barrel, NEW; (3) Remington Model 11, 12 ga., 30” barrel; Lefever Arms Nitro S/S, 20 ga., 28” barrels; Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine w/ Red Dot Scope, .22LR; Ugartechea S/S ( Made in Spain) .410, 26” barrels; Beeman Sportsman RS2 Series Air Rifle, .22; (2) Remington Nylon Model 66, .22 LR; Remington Model 870 Wingmaster lightweight, .410, 3”, 25” barrel; Ranger Model 5000 S/S, .410, 26” barrels; ATI Cavalry SX KOFS Turkey O/U, 28 ga, 2 3/4”, 26” barrels; (3) Winchester Model 37 Single Shot, .410, 3”, 26” barrel; Remington Model 1100, 16 ga, 2 3/4”, 28” barrel; Remington Model 12, .22 S,L, 24” Octagon barrel; Winchester Model 1892; Winchester Model 50, 12 ga, 2 3/4”, 30” barrel; Winchester Model 1906, .22 S,L,LR, Ser# 195314; Winchester 20 ga, 24” barrel, 2 3/4”, 24” barrel; Winchester Model 500E, .410, 3”, 24” barrel; Crescent Arms New Empire S/S, .410, 26” barrels; Springfield Model 67F 20 ga, 3”, 28” barrel; Browning A5 16 ga made in Belgium, 26” barrel; Colt Lightening P.T.F.A Mfg, .22, Octagon barrel; Stevens 5100 .410; S/S, 26” barrels; H & R Topper model 148 .410, 28” barrel, Single Shot; Tri-Star Hunter Ex O/U 28 ga., 2 3/4”, 28” barrels; Remington Model 24 .22 LR only; Springfield Model 1929 .410, 26” barrel; Hopkins & Allen Arms falling block 12 ga, 30” barrel; W.M. Moore S/S, London laminated steel, Dec 20, 1892 patent, 30” barrels; Browning Gold Hunter Camo 20 ga, 26” barrel, NIB; Stevens Little Scout Model 14 1/2, .22 LR; Lefever Arms Nitro Special S/S 16 ga, 28” barrel; J.P Clabrough & Bros. S/S 10 ga, 34” barrels, Laminated Steel; T. Barker S/S 12 ga Double trigger; Enders Special Service S/S 16 ga; BSA Guns .22 cal w/4x32 Scope Air Rifle; L.C. Smith S/S 12 ga; Marlin Golden Model 39A .22 S,L Lever Action, NIB; Remington Speedmaster Model 24 .22 L; Geco Carabinero Model 1919; Winchester Model 74 .22 S; Winchester Model 1912 12 ga, 30” barrel, Nickel Steel; W.H. Davenport 16 ga; Browning A5 Gold Trigger 20 ga, 28” barrel; Diana Model 54 Air King Pro, .177 cal Air Rifle; Sears & Roebuck/J.C. Higgins Model 21, .410, 3”; Fluss-Stahl Krupp Essen S/S 16 ga, 30” barrels; Stevens .22 L,S, pump; Winchester Model 06 .22 S,L; Triumph S/S 12 ga; Crescent Firearms S/S 20 ga; H. Richards S/S 10 ga; Winchester Model 1890 .22 WRF, Octagon barrel; Remington Wingmaster Model 870 20 ga, VR, 3”; Remington Model 11 12 ga, 26” barrel, Polychoke; E.M. Reilly S/S 12 ga, 30” barrels; Model RR22B6; Winchester Model 94 .30-.30; Winchester Model 1873 38 WCF, Lever Action

PISTOLS: Colt Police Positive .22 Pistol; Smith & Wesson .38 Special; Colt Pre Woodsman .22 LR w/holster; H & R Model 922 .22; Rock Island Armory Model 1911-A1 FS, .45 ACP, NIB; High Standard Model 103 Sport King .22LR; (2) Ruger Vaquero .45 ACP ; Browning 1911-22 .22 LR, NIB; Ruger SR22 .22 LR; Ruger Colorado Centennial 1876-1976 .22; Smith and Wesson Model 587, .357; Colt Single Action Frontier Scout .22

DECOYS: Charles Schoenheider Jr. Canvasback Drake; Charles Schoenheider Jr. Mallard ,paint by Millie Graves; Perry Wilcoxen Mallard Drake - Liverpool, Il (repaint); Billy Shaw Mallard Drake - Lacon, Il (Repaint); Robert Ellison Pintail Drake, Bureau, Il (Repaint); Charles Perdew Mallard Hen, Henry, Il (Repaint); Charles Perdew Pintail Drake, Henry, Il (Bill replaced, Repaint); Otto Garen Bluebill, Canton, Il (Broken Bill, Repaint); Mason Premier Mallard Hen in Charles Walker Paint, Detroit, Mi; Charles WalkerMallard Hen, Princeton, Il (Repaint); Lou Kelly Bluebill Drake, Peoria, Il (Repaint); Harold Spiller Canvasback Drake, Peoria, Il (Original); Unknown Bluebill pair, Rick Brown Paint; William Eveland Mallard Pair, (Original) Pekin, Il; Unknown Illinois River Mallard, Lacon Area, Il, (Repaint, Replaced Bill); Capt. Jesse Urie Bluebill (No Paint) Rockhall, Maryland; Early Mason Premier Drake, Detroit,Michigan, (Repaint); Bill Lohrman Mallard Drake, Peoria ,II (Repaint); Unknown Illinois River Mallard Drake in Original Catherine Elliston Paint; Mason Reproduction Pintail Hen; Lou Reineri Pintail Hen (Original); Unknown Illinois River Mallard Drake, Body Hand Carved, Copper Head; Jim Slack Green Wing Teal Hen; Tom Tabor Mallard Reproduction; DU Bufflehea; Charlie Moore Blackducks Pair Perdew Copies; Mason Challenge Grade Mallard Drake Painted by Charlie Moore; Charlie Moore Pintail Drake; Perdew Style Mallard Hen Painted by Charlie Moore; Pair of Mallards Painted by Charlie Moore Dekalb, Il; Bluewing Teal Pair Painted by Charlie Moore, Dekalb, Il); (2) Greenwing Teal Pair Painted by Charlie Moore, Dekalb, Il; Greenwing Teal Drake & Bluewing Teal Drake Painted by Charlie Decals, Il; Pintail Pair Painted by Charlie Moore (Perdew Style); Canvasback Pair Painted by Charlie Moore Dekalb, Il; Pair of Wood Duck Drakes Painted by Charlie Moore, Dekalb, Il; Canvasback Drake Painted by Charlie Moore, Dekalb, Il; Alber Laing Style Bluebill Drake Painted by Charlie Moore, Dekalb, Il; Waldmeier Rig Canvasback Drakes Original Weights/Lines, Pekin, Il; (6) Waldmeier Rig Bluebill Drakes Original Weights/Lines, Pekin, Il; F. McIntyre Rig Mallards, (2) Hens/(3) Drakes (1958); (5) F. McIntyre Rig Mallards, (2) Hens, (3) Drakes (1958); (6) Unknown Factory Mallards, (3) Drakes/(3) Hens; Factory Pintail Drake, Liverpool Painted; Factory Mallard Drake, Wood Duck Drake, and John Blair Pintail Reproduction; Guy Lukeman Pintail Drake, South Pekin, Il (Some original paint); Jim Slack Reproduction B. Graves Mallard Pair, Peoria, Il; Tube Dawson Mallard Drak; Bill Lohrman Pintail Drake, Peoria, Il (Repainted as Hen); William Pratt Canvasback Drake, Gary Hall Collection (Original Paint); Bill Spielman Black Drake, Rockford, Il (Original); Fred Mott Mallard Pair, (Original Paint); Bill Lohrman Canvasback Drake, (Original Paint); Red Doran Mallard Drake, (Repainted); Mike Shearer Bufflehead Drake (Original Paint); Dan Golden Bufflehead Drake, (Original); Mike Shearer Bufflehead Drake, Huron, Il, (Original); Wayne Meyer Mallard Drake, Parkland, Il (Original); Perry Wilcoxen Mallard Drake, Liverpool, Il (Repainted); Fred Hoppe Mallard Hen Pair, Pekin, Illinois Area; Jim Slack Green Wing Teal Pair, Pekin, Il (Original, Hollow Carved); Jim Slack Blue Wing Teal Pair, Pekin, Il (Original, Hollow Carved); (4) Jim Slack Fish Decoy, Pekin, Il; 4 sets of 4 Wayne Meyer Mallard Decoys, Parkland Il

GAME CALLS: Several P.S. OLT; Lohman; Sureshot; and others.

FIREARM INFO: All State and Federal laws will be strictly enforced, no exceptions!. There is a $30.00 per FOID fee to transfer. Pekin Gun, 281 Derby St., Pekin Il. will handle all transfers and / or shipping. Buyer is responsible for any transfer fees charged by the receiving FFL. Local Pick-up will be offered by Pekin Gun after waiting period of 72 hours and FOID conformance. Online bidders will need to correspond with Pekin Gun for FFL info. Local buyers will be req'd to fill out ATF Form 4473 and provide a valid ID. YOU MAY NOT SEND SOMEONE IN YOUR PLACE TO PICK-UP A FIREARM, NO EXCEPTIONS. Firearms will be shipped to FFL Dealers only. Shipping with not occur until the receiving FFL information is rec'd. Buyer is responsible for Shipping and Handling charges. You must be 18 years old for long guns and 21 for hand guns. Please note that per ATF regulations any antique gun that fires ammunition that is readily available will require a FFL Transfer. All items have been visually inspected only. They have NOT been tested or otherwise inspected for operational condition. Buyers are strongly advised to have the firearm(s) inspected by a gunsmith. All items are sold where is, as is with no express or implied warranty and all purchases are non-refundable. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine the condition of the item they may be bidding against. Auction Company will attempt to describe the item through print ad, internet, and day of auction to the best of their knowledge, but it is the responsibility of the bidder to determine that factor.

NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS OFFERED FOR THIS AUCTION. ONLINE bidders will be charged on the credit card they registered with in full for the items they won at the end of this Auction, NO EXCEPTIONS. If your card is declined, you'll have 24 hours to correct or you will be reported as a non-paying bidder. Buyer agrees that under NO circumstances will he or she make a chargeback on their credit card account in relation to their purchases. Live bidders will have to settle day of sale for all items purchased. Auction Company will NOT be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the Proxi/bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. The Auction Company reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.

There is a 15% Buyers premium added to your online total purchase. All sales are final and no chargebacks allowed. We accept Visa , Mastercard & Discover (ONLY).

ONLINE bidders sales will be charged to your credit card immediately after the sale. Instructions/questions Ph. (309)-992-1929. All announcements sale day shall take precedence over any prior advertising either written or oral. All information is believed to be accurate, however; no liability for its accuracy, errors, or omissions is assumed. Not responsible for accidents . By registering to bid, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions